Happy Yummy Journey Book

In Southeast Asia, men and women divide household chores and child care equally. Do no hesitate anywhere that accepts a foreign culture.

Happy Yummy Journey

The title of this book is ‘Happy Yummy Journey (Happy Yummy Journey),’ a book about the food, culture and religious diversity of Southeast Asia including Durian, King of Fruits, some countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia. In Indonesia, “the interest and potential of Southeast Asia, which I did not know well, was solved in an interesting way.”

“In Indonesia we can easily see women working at construction sites and electronics stores. There is a saying in the proverbial language of the Minangkabau, a mother – in – law society, ‘Heaven is at the bottom of her mother’. It means that if you are comfortable and happy your mother can be a good place to be like heaven. ”

Muslim males in Malaysia say that when they come home, they come out and eat and go home immediately after work. The Philippines prohibits divorce, contraception, and abortion, but there is little prejudice against unwed mothers.

Local food such as Thai salmon, Indonesian meats, and local food are also eye-catching.

“Southeast Asia is rich in resources and open, so it is a good place to cooperate economically. I think happiness index and fertility rate are high, so I can give clue to solving various problems in Korean society. ”

She is currently writing a book about  Bandung, which is equipped with the best climate conditions and cultural and social infrastructure, is dreaming of “Silicon Valley of Asia”.

Eje Kim with Indonesian Kids

“I want to spread the real picture and value of Southeast Asia. When I get tired and tired, I get so happy when I get to know Southeast Asia!” –  Eje Kim.

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